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Where it all started…

The foundation of my sable herds was the acquisition of the best bloodlines from Piet Warren, Thaba Tholo and Chris Visser. I was able to develop my herds with the most sought- after genetics from Magic, Madala, Tequila and Piet, and later added genetics from Black Jack, Tequila, Warren and Explorer.

Introducing our species

Top quality genetic material is the focus of Valley Venture Stud, home to
South Africa’s finest Santa Gertrudis Cattle, American Saddlebred, Roan, Oryx and Sable Antelope.

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

The Santa Gertrudis has been a major division of the Valley Venture Stud since 1994 and stemmed from the love of Mr. de Jager. The breed that originated from the USA has gone through a lot of change to make it a more suitable animal for South Africa.


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American Saddlebred

The love for the American Saddlebred horse dates back to as far as 1971, when Ria Steyn imported her first American Saddlebred horses by ship from the USA.

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The development of the Roan herd at Valley Venture Stud began with Tina’s deep love for the species in 2005, the founding herd genetics sourced from the great plains of Namibia.

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In 2000, Tina began the development of the Nyala herd on Valley Venture Stud, her vision to breed resilient and big-bodied nyala’s.



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In 2007, Tina founded her Pure Zambian herd, sourcing only the best bloodlines from Piet Warren, Thaba Tholo and Chris Visser. Developing the herd with the most sought after genetics from Magic, Tsunami, Madala and Charlie and later on Black Jack, Tequila and Explorer.

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Ethical Breeding

Proven Pedigrees

The Breeder's Choice

Tested Genetics

Family tradition, research and carefull selection make us leaders in the field of stud breeding and we welcome you to enhance your breeding program with the progeny of our herds.


Valley Venture Stud continues to impress, offering only the best wildlife on the market, auction after auction. Well done Valley Venture Stud! I cannot wait to see what their next big event holds in store for us!

Johan Goldsteyn

Valley Venture has set the benchmark for exceptional genetics during the decades of their existence. Tina de Jager has shown the us the beauty in wildlife. Valley Venture is truly home to top-genetically bred wildlife.

Martie Louw

Valley Venture Stud has produced some of the finest brag bulls in South Africa. Each bull is Sire to an outstanding bloodline, further sementing Valley Ventures claim to being ‘The Breeders Choice’.

Schalk Smith


At Valley Venture we are proud to be members of the following organisations in order to ensure buyers confidence in their purchase from us.

In Association With

Bushveld Game Capture


Bushveld Game Capture was established in 2006. Bushveld Game Capture is South Africa’s premier provider of wildlife capture, game purchasing, game selling, game transport, game relocation, veterinary services, and the darting and counting of game by helicopter. We pride ourselves in providing a very professional, honest, reliable and ethical service.

Bushveld Armed Response


The company has been operational since 2009. All staff originates from isolated rural areas where they grew up. Their very well-known skills of man tracking and bush craft originate from growing up in an environment where survival is a part of life. These basic skills where enhanced with specialised training in counter insurgency, anti poaching and rural safety operations. Each employee possesses relevant skills and experience gained as an active member of a Special Forces Unit and Law Enforcement Agencies.


For over 20 years we have continued to enhance our values and skills to ensure that we stay as ambassadors of new, ethical and sustainable farming and breeding practices. As a result Valley Venture Stud has become The Breeder’s Choice.

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