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Our Species


The development of the Roan herd at Valley Venture Stud
began with Tina’s deep love for the species in 2005, the founding herd genetics sourced from
the great plains of Namibia.

From a near extinct species, breeders around South Africa continually strive to breed more resilient roans that have good confirmation, horn length and shape.

In line with our belief that the dam bloodline is paramount to the success of our herds we sourced big-bodied females from Wabi Game Lodge in Namibia.

After many years of developing the roan herd at Valley Venture Stud we are very excited to soon present the results of the finest roan bloodlines of Namibia and Kalahari.

Explosive 34 2/8”

One of two bulls that were originally bred from the founding Namibian roan females at Valley Venture Stud with the additional of a new Kalahari sire bloodline made Explosive an obvious buy back.

The striking facial marked, big-bodied and beautiful horn shaped bull has become a cornerstone of the roan herd.

Geronimo 33 6/8”

Most certainly the most proven breeding bull within Valley Venture, Geronimo time and time again proves his weight in gold by producing top quality progeny.

Tina saw great potential in this bull at the mere age of 8 months old on a farm visit to Gary Donian in the Eastern Cape.

Legend 34 6/8”

The story behind this bull is truly legendary, bred on the Tswalu Nature Reserve, Legend was spotted during a mass capture with a broken hip. Captured by the Bushveld Game Capture team, Tina expertly rehabilitated Legend back to health and to measuring an astonishing 34 6/8”.

Mystery 31 4/8”

The second bull bred with the great combination of Namibian/Kalahari bloodlines produced the extremely proud, resilient and large built bull Mystery.