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Our Species

Santa Gertrudis

The Santa Gertrudis has been a major division of the Valley Venture Stud since 1991 and stemmed from the love of Mr & Mrs de Jager. The breed that originally originated from the USA has gone through a lot of change to make it a more suitable animal for
South Africa.

Through very select breeding Valley Venture transformed the breed into a more suitable shorter sheathed, well balanced and soft muscled animal with a beautiful cherry red colouring.

This dynamic, modern breed exhibits excellent fertility as well as above-average feed conversion and growth which contributes undoubtedly to the beef industry. Characterised by their well-hooded eyes, excellent legs and feet and accelerated maturing, these cattle are tailor-made for South African trends.

The Valley Venture Santa Gertrudis Stud has been undefeated since 1995 at the National Championships. All Valley Venture Santa Gertrudis Cattle are registered with the Santa Gertrudis Breed Society.